About Kingfisher Flight PNR Status

In the year 2003 Kingfisher, one of the major airlines of India started its journey. Later on May 2005, the commercial operations of the airlines started. It has it’s headquarter at Bangalore and is owned by United Breweries Group. By flying via this airline you can reach 25 destinations all over India. Due to some financial problems, the fleet of operational airplanes has to be reduced by them. If you are flying in any such Domestic flight of Kingfisher and intend to know the PNR status, then you need to be with us.

The benefits that one can have flying in such flight

There are various benefits that can be had while being passengers in Kingfisher’s flight. The leg space is comfortable for the journey that you make; you can have regular meals with soft drinks and have access to various entertainment means like music, cinema and newspapers.

The ways by which you can know the PNR status

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If you are flying via Kingfisher Flights, then the easiest manner by which you can know the PNR status is by being with us. We offer you the means of checking the status online and you can check it before you depart to the airport. We have made available another means of knowing the reservation status that is through a phone call. The various services are:

Knowing through online means: If you wish to know the status through online means you just need to type the PNR number and click on VIEW STATUS button, we will show you the real time result instantly.

Calling the toll free number: You can likewise call the toll free number for telephonic enquiry to get the required information. You will be guided by a voice record to know the status. The number to be dialed are:

Toll Free Number

18002009000(For dialing from India)

+91-20-27293030(If dialing from other country)

Calling the call center department: You can likewise call the enquiry number which will take you through to the call center for having the desired PNR status. The number to be called is 4284 4700.

Why choose us : This is the obvious question that should come to your mind. Why not check the status through the official website of Kingfisher as you are their customer and do that by using our site? The reason is that to check the PNR status through the official website of Kingfisher you have to navigate through various pages then reach the page where you can get the status but in our site you can do that instant just by clicking on a link. It is also good to mention that the information provided by us is authentic as we are the specialized service provider for this airline. There are various other benefits too that you can have being on our site through our Online offers. The benefits are:

You can know about cheap flights and if you wish book the ticket directly from our site. We will make available in front of you all the flights that you can avail at reasonable prices and you can know about the seat confirmation too.

You can know about the status of the flight. We will give you the detailed report regarding the flight schedule.

You can know about prices of Tickets of different airlines.

It is quite obvious that you have made up your mind to be with us at www.flightpnrstatus.in to know about all the details regarding Booking status that you wish to know.

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