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Derived from the Greek Gods, Australian national bird, and the people, the Qantas airlines showcase the rich culture of Australia. Since 1935, when the first flight took off, the airlines have been serving the passengers with their amazing services and quality food. However, to respect the Muslim sensitivities, the pork is removed from the menu in the flights that travel from or to Europe.

In order to promote their services and offer better services to the customers, Qantas airlines have started multiple new facilities including the ability to check the real time PNR status of the flight as well. The official website provides all the information regarding the tickets and other details of the flight status.

Helping out the people, Flight PNR status offers all the necessary information regarding the flight. Checking the status of your Qantas flight becomes much easier here. All you need to do is press a few buttons and the location of your flight, the status of your seat and all other information come in front of you.

Know Your Booking status

If you want to know about the seat confirmation on the Qantas flight, Flight PNR Status can help you with that. All you need is enter a few basic details of your flight and the PNR number to get all the information regarding your reservation. Being one of the fastest result providers, we ensure that you can rely on us every time you need such information. We ensure guaranteed accuracy.

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In order to check your Qantas Airways ticket/Flight PNR Status, follow these steps

1. Go to the Qantas Airways ticket/Flight PNR Statuspage by clicking on above mentioned link..
2. Enter the Web Reference or Booking Reference or PNR number or E-ticket Number.
3. First and last name as used at the time of ticket booking.
4. Hit the view button and check the PNR status of your Qantas Airways ticket/Flight PNR Status.

Get the flight status immediately

Knowing the status of your flight offers great comfort and convenience, especially when the flight gets delayed. With the flight schedule available here, you can easily manage your time and reach the airport at the right moment. No need to suffer when your flight is delayed, just check the status on the site and manage your time according to the current situation of the flight.

Qantas Airways Flight other userfull links or Pages

Online PNR inquiry is so easy!

The customers, looking for the information of their PNR can easily follow some simple instructions on the website and find all the details regarding their PNR status. The inquiry page contains all the details regarding the flights’ status.

Toll Free PNR inquiry is also available

The enquiry number is provided by the Qantas Airlines for both national and international passengers. So, you can easily connect with the friendly assistance of the person on the other side of the call. The call center is a reliable option to get immediate information on all kinds of details of your flight’s situation, seat confirmation, and others.

For the telephonic enquiry, you just need to provide your PNR number along with a few basic details of yourself.

Here, at Flight PNR Status, we ensure that you get the most convenient experience of getting information. Along with the PNR status, we also have multiple online offers on ticket bookings here as well. You can check out the deals and get reasonable prices on the bookings.

So, let us be the help you want!

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